Good afternoon Church, This Sunday in the morning service we will be continuing our series on JOY! The message is titled “…the oil of joy” just how much Joy can possibly be for the people of God? Well, (no pun intended) unlike the oil locked underground that nobody knows just how much there really is , there is an absolutely inexhaustible well of JOY, that we have become partakers of, it is part of our Spiritual Inheritance, that comes in, and dwells in us as believers who are possessed of, and walking in the fullness of God’s Spirit. How thrilling and liberating it is to walk in His JOY! We are going to be talking about that this Sunday morning, listen, invite your friends and tell them to come and see and hear for themselves what God had Provided! Joy Unspeakable and full of Glory! Looking forward to being together with you all this Sunday! In the meantime, be blessed!
Pastor Scott