Good Morning Church, I ran across some research findings put out by the Barna Group. They do the work of asking question about FAITH and VALUES and The BIBLE and so forth. When you read the findings you are in some ways amazed and in other ways shocked. For example Barna published this: “Over 1/2 of church-goers in America have not heard of the Great Commission.” On the same token nearly 1/2 of practicing Christian millennials say it is wrong to Evangelize. Not to pick on millennials by any means but this is the impact that the culture is having on the church. When what God has called us to is the opposite. We are to be the ones having the impact on the culture. How do we turn that around? We must return to the Lord and to his word! We actually need HOLY GHOST revival! It is just another reminder that whatever we are currently doing, let us not forget what the Lord has given us as a VISION! WIN THIS CITY! That is going to mean that we BEAT THE ODDS! We must be the other half that does know the Great Commission, and that knows it is RIGHT to EVANGELIZE, otherwise the vision will be unrealized. Let’s be what we are called to be and nothing less! I will Be sharing bits and pieces about the things THE CHURCH IN AMERICA NOW BELIEVES in future posts. Just wanted to start this dialogue and provoke some discussion among us. This is what I am up to at 2:35 am!
Good Night!
Pastor Scott