Free one hour Information Seminars

All Classes will begin at 6:30 PM Limited Seating Available Topics: 1.      Telephone Scams & fraudulent calls. Know your risk! Speaker: Under Sheriff Cook will be the Speaker March 21st 2.      Senior Center (CCCOA) so many opportunities available the public is not aware of. Speaker: Gail Tinker, Executive Director at CCCOA Thursday, April, 18th 3.      […]


Good morning. Church, tomorrow at 10 am there is a gathering at the flagpole at the county building. This gathering is for prayer and petition before the Lord on behave of the nation and the millions of unborn lives taken by means of abortion. They are calling it a day of mourning. Recently the law […]

Boy Scout Sunday

Good afternoon Church, yesterday we recognized Boy Scout Sunday, we invited Scout Nathan Tennant to help take up the offering during the morning service. Thanks Nathan for your volunteer spirit and we pray that your scouting experience will be rewarding and that it will follow you throughout your life. Thank you church for supporting the […]


Good Morning Church, I ran across some research findings put out by the Barna Group. They do the work of asking question about FAITH and VALUES and The BIBLE and so forth. When you read the findings you are in some ways amazed and in other ways shocked. For example Barna published this: “Over 1/2 […]

Coast Guard

Good evening Church, just a reminder we are collecting canned goods and Non-Perishables for the Coast Guard during this time of Government shutdown. You can bring them tomorrow to the church house or drop them off during the week at Cornerstone Christian School. Thank you in advance for your giving. God Bless you and we […]