New YouTube Channel

Do to all the problems we have been having with our live stream, we are going to try to stream to YouTube instead of Facebook. Subscribe and click the bell icon so you know when we go live.

The way,

Good Morning Church, Tomorrow in the morning service we will begin a series of sermons talking about “The way,” of course that is unless the weather has some say so! We will keep you posted on all that but in the meantime Be Blessed! And Lord willing we can get together tomorrow and worship Him, […]

The oil of JOY

Good afternoon church, Tomorrow in the morning service we will be concluding our current series on “The oil of JOY” We have considered scripturally how BIG (The Size of JOY) and how BAD (The Strength of Joy) is from that biblical perspective . Tomorrow we will take a look at how BETTER ( The Sufficiency […]

New Member Orientation

Just an FYI the New Member Orientation class will resume next Sunday night March 17th at 5 . Part 3 “Who We Belove” hope to see you there! Be safe out there in this snow!Pastor Scott

Free one hour Information Seminars

All Classes will begin at 6:30 PM Limited Seating Available Topics: 1.      Telephone Scams & fraudulent calls. Know your risk! Speaker: Under Sheriff Cook will be the Speaker March 21st 2.      Senior Center (CCCOA) so many opportunities available the public is not aware of. Speaker: Gail Tinker, Executive Director at CCCOA Thursday, April, 18th 3.      […]

…the oil of joy

Good afternoon Church, This Sunday in the morning service we will be continuing our series on JOY! The message is titled “…the oil of joy” just how much Joy can possibly be for the people of God? Well, (no pun intended) unlike the oil locked underground that nobody knows just how much there really is […]

Time Change

Good afternoon Church, just an early FYI, time change happens this weekend, don’t want you to miss church or Sunday school so set those clocks ahead Saturday Night before you turn in. Get up have a good breakfast warm up the car and come on down to the church house, bring your bible and be […]

Honduras Mission

Good Morning Church, This Sunday out at the Black River Full Gospel Church on Orchard Beach Road, there will be a benefit dinner to support the Honduras Mission that several area churches are involved in. There was such a great turn out for the annual dinner in October that the Christian Men’s Fellowship of Cheboygan […]

Sunday School Canceled

Sunday School has been canceled this morning, but we still plan on having church. Please be careful in the parking lot as you get out of your vehicle this morning. If anything changes we will keep you posted.


Good morning. Church, tomorrow at 10 am there is a gathering at the flagpole at the county building. This gathering is for prayer and petition before the Lord on behave of the nation and the millions of unborn lives taken by means of abortion. They are calling it a day of mourning. Recently the law […]