Good afternoon church, Tomorrow in the morning service we will be concluding our current series on “The oil of JOY” We have considered scripturally how BIG (The Size of JOY) and how BAD (The Strength of Joy) is from that biblical perspective . Tomorrow we will take a look at how BETTER ( The Sufficiency of JOY) is over anything offered up, claiming equality. We will consider it’s needful impact, and necessary influence as we navigate these latter days of the Church Age. Church, if we are not walking in JOY that the Bible says is “…unspeakable and full of Glory” how will the world at large ever truly understand our message to them about the JOY GIVER and the great Salvation he has provided! Hope everyone is having a blessed Saturday! Don’t put away your shovels yet! We will catch up with you tomorrow at the church house. Also remember New Member Orientation tomorrow night at 5.
Be Blessed!
Pastor Scott