New YouTube Channel

Do to all the problems we have been having with our live stream, we are going to try to stream to YouTube instead of Facebook. Subscribe and click the bell icon so you know when we go live.

The way,

Good Morning Church, Tomorrow in the morning service we will begin a series of sermons talking about “The way,” of course that is unless the weather has some say so! We will keep you posted on all that but in the meantime Be Blessed! And Lord willing we can get together tomorrow and worship Him, […]

Free one hour Information Seminars

All Classes will begin at 6:30 PM Limited Seating Available Topics: 1.      Telephone Scams & fraudulent calls. Know your risk! Speaker: Under Sheriff Cook will be the Speaker March 21st 2.      Senior Center (CCCOA) so many opportunities available the public is not aware of. Speaker: Gail Tinker, Executive Director at CCCOA Thursday, April, 18th 3.      […]

Sunday School Canceled

Sunday School has been canceled this morning, but we still plan on having church. Please be careful in the parking lot as you get out of your vehicle this morning. If anything changes we will keep you posted.

Canceling our services for this evening

Good morning church, due to the closing of Cheboygan schools today at 11 will be canceling our services for this evening. This is our standing policy that whenever school is closed on Wednesday for Winter weather issues we will also cancel our services. Stay warm stay dry be blessed! Just an FYI we are still […]