~Mission Statement~

To present the hope that is in Jesus Christ or eternal salvation. To lead men, women, and children toward spiritual maturity and ministry involvement through fellowship, with one another and worship and seeking the Lord. We hereby purpose to fulfill our mission by:

~Communicating God’s Word~

*Sharing our faith in Jesus Christ through word and deed.

*Shaping our future through effectively presenting “The Gospel”

*Supporting our “frontline force” our missionaries home and abroad

~Educating God’s People~

*Systematically in the “Sound Doctrine” of the Bible.

*Specifically for the maturing of every believer.

*Selflessly as our Lord Jesus did with His disciples.

~Demonstrating God’s Love~

*Stepping out of our comfort zones to meet the needs of others.

*Stepping up to the opportunities God places us into “minister”

*Stepping in to “hold up the hands” of those who lead us.

~Associating With God’s People~

*Setting aside enough time to know my church family.

*Settling for nothing less than unconditional love and care.

*Speaking The Truth in love in those times of trouble.

~Celebrating God’s Presence~

*Spending time with God in both personal and public settings.

*Seeking God through His spoken word given by His selected messengers.

*Singing and making music in our hearts to the Lord in both personal and public settings.