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Good afternoon Church, Tomorrow in Service we will begin a new series of sermons on JOY! We will be using Isaiah 61 as our text of scripture to launch this very exciting aspect of our life in Christ. Invite a friend, especially those who need to know where to find some JOY in the midst of there circumstances. It promises to touch all who would receive God’s Word. Let the Oil of his presence minister in, upon, around and out from his people! Hope to see you there! 617 S.Palmyra Street, Cheboygan, tomorrow at 10:30 am. Hope your also enjoying this beautiful sunshiny Saturday without Snow falling ( at least so far)
Be Blessed
Pastor Scott

Snow Day

Good afternoon church, here we are again another Wednesday and another school cancellation day so we will not be having service tonight. Hope you’re all able to dig out and get plowed out. We will try again next week hope you have a blessed day stay warm!
Pastor Scott

Boy Scout Sunday

Good afternoon Church, yesterday we recognized Boy Scout Sunday, we invited Scout Nathan Tennant to help take up the offering during the morning service. Thanks Nathan for your volunteer spirit and we pray that your scouting experience will be rewarding and that it will follow you throughout your life. Thank you church for supporting the young people involved in these groups and clubs. Keep them in your prayers!
Be Blessed!
Pastor Scott

New Member Orientation class

Good Morning Church, Today in Service we will Be concluding our series “… he that keepeth thee” also a reminder that tonight at 5 we will be having a New Member Orientation class. If you would like to attend just show up at 5 we will be walking through 4 aspects of what it means to be a part of HIS CHURCH.
Where we BEGIN
This is something everyone should understand in the church today. So take advantage of this opportunity to discover the truth about HIS CHURCH and what it means to be a member of it. We will be meeting in Fellowship Hall. Class time will be about 1 hour for each session.
Pastor Scott


Good Morning Church, I ran across some research findings put out by the Barna Group. They do the work of asking question about FAITH and VALUES and The BIBLE and so forth. When you read the findings you are in some ways amazed and in other ways shocked. For example Barna published this: “Over 1/2 of church-goers in America have not heard of the Great Commission.” On the same token nearly 1/2 of practicing Christian millennials say it is wrong to Evangelize. Not to pick on millennials by any means but this is the impact that the culture is having on the church. When what God has called us to is the opposite. We are to be the ones having the impact on the culture. How do we turn that around? We must return to the Lord and to his word! We actually need HOLY GHOST revival! It is just another reminder that whatever we are currently doing, let us not forget what the Lord has given us as a VISION! WIN THIS CITY! That is going to mean that we BEAT THE ODDS! We must be the other half that does know the Great Commission, and that knows it is RIGHT to EVANGELIZE, otherwise the vision will be unrealized. Let’s be what we are called to be and nothing less! I will Be sharing bits and pieces about the things THE CHURCH IN AMERICA NOW BELIEVES in future posts. Just wanted to start this dialogue and provoke some discussion among us. This is what I am up to at 2:35 am!
Good Night!
Pastor Scott

Israel in Prophecy

Good afternoon Church, today is the first day in the last two week that there have been schools opened! Tonight we will also be OPEN for Church services at 7pm. We will open up a discussion on Israel in Prophecy. Much of end time picture focus’s around Israel, there regathering to there homeland.there establishment as a nation and God’s dealing with them as his chosen people. So what does that have to do with the Church? Come out tonight and we will talk about this entire fascinating subject. Brother Jeremy Ridings will lead in our study time. We will begin with worship in music and close in seeking the Lord in Prayer. Hope to see you there!
Pastor Scott

God’s KEEPING Power

Good Morning Church,
We will be rolling out a new sermon series beginning this Sunday on the topic of God’s KEEPING Power. I am excited to be able to bring this teaching to our attention. I hope to see many of you take advantage of what will be presented during the next few services. I am also thrilled to hear that the SHUTDOWN is over at least for now. Thank you church for your prayers and generosity toward that whole matter and thank the Lord our local Coast Guard personnel will be receiving there paychecks soon! Hope you all have a glorious Saturday, Be Blessed!
Pastor Scott


Good Friday Church,
This Sunday morning in our adult Sunday School class the topic will be on CONQUERING from a biblical standpoint. This study will be lead by Brother Bob Brubacher. It will touch on several areas of the Christian life in which CONQUERING is a must and an enablement of Grace. Come out and support him in this series of lessons and be blessed as well as challenged! Hope to see you there! Sunday morning 9:30 am, 617 S. Palmyra, Cheboygan, Mich. You are also invited to hang around after for worship services at 10:30!
Be Blessed!
Pastor Scott

Canceling our services for this evening

Good morning church, due to the closing of Cheboygan schools today at 11 will be canceling our services for this evening. This is our standing policy that whenever school is closed on Wednesday for Winter weather issues we will also cancel our services. Stay warm stay dry be blessed! Just an FYI we are still engaged in our commitment to the Coast Guard and for our governmental leaders in Washington asking the Lord to bring an end to the shut down.
Pastor Scott

Coast Guard

Good evening Church, just a reminder we are collecting canned goods and Non-Perishables for the Coast Guard during this time of Government shutdown. You can bring them tomorrow to the church house or drop them off during the week at Cornerstone Christian School. Thank you in advance for your giving. God Bless you and we will see you all tomorrow !
Pastor Scott